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4 Reasons Your Luxury Shopping Bags Deserve Rope Handles

5 years ago

Most retail businesses require shopping bags to provide for their customers, but only a small percentage of those businesses will understand the value of investing in luxury bags. Doing so sets your business apart from the rest and helps demonstrate your value and the quality of your products. If you’re interested in luxury bags, here are just four reasons you should also be interested in cotton rope handles. 

  1. Easy on the Hands 

You want your luxury bags to feel good as well as look good – even the finest bags aren’t going to impress if customers find them uncomfortable to hold. Cotton is one of the softest materials bag handles can be made from, and it doesn’t bunch up and dig into the palm. If you want your customers to feel as comfortable as possible carrying your bags, cotton handles are the way to go. 

  1. Premium Appearance 

Luxury bags should help customers and anyone else that sees them to identify your business as a premium establishment. While any luxury bag will help get that message across, adding an eye-catching upscale element like cotton handles is always going to help. 

  1. Eco-Friendly

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of how packaging choices affect the environment – that’s why we’ve seen so many businesses move away from conventional plastics towards paper bags. Cotton bags help with that eco-friendly message – the material itself is good for the environment, and the fact cotton handles are easy to remove makes these bags easy to recycle. 

  1. Matches Your Branding 

Choosing luxury bags is always a great way to improve your branding, and selecting rope handles is a great way to takes things further. Cotton handles can be created in any style or colour you like, and many businesses even find ways to incorporate the rope into an interesting design.

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