What are Influencers?

An influencer is a person who is respected in a particular industry for their knowledge, position and has a great following. Because of their influence, they are capable of swaying the beliefs, decisions, and opinions of their followers.

Why do businesses need influencers for their marketing? The concept is quite simple. An influencer has a huge following and therefore, you hire them to promote your brand to their large fan base so as to reach your potential customers. Through these people, a business can trend, gain followers, and sell products. These influencers promote brands by posting content on social media platforms, such as Instagram. Since Instagram Marketing Strategy is such a boon these days, brands tend to contact those who can primarily promote their brands on such platforms.

Often, recruiting the work of an influencer is more beneficial to the businesses than simple paid social media ads. This is because a sponsored post doesn’t necessarily bring the trust of the public as anyone can pay for a sponsored social media boost. However, influencers have a fan base that is genuinely interested in the influencer. They instill some level of trust into them and take heed in what they have to say and what they choose to promote. This is why when an influencer raves about a new product or service, their following is more inclined to purchase it in order to be more like them.

Types of Influencers


Celebrities are and have been the most influential persons to date. When they endorse a product, there are high chances of increasing sales. Some of them take on roles as analysts, voices of authority, and provide insight on some occasions. Because of their demand, celebrities tend to charge a lot and therefore, only high-end brands afford their services. There are exceptions though.

If for instance, you produce a product that a certain celebrity likes, they can market it at a low cost or even for free for your brand.

You need to select a celebrity that will meet your brand needs. A young lady celebrity would work well for a business dealing with women body products, and not purchasing a retirement plan.

Thought Leaders and Experts

Thought leaders and experts have respect because of their position, experience, and qualifications in a given topic. They gain this reputation because of how they accomplish their tasks and even the place they work. Some of the notable thought leaders and experts include journalists, academics, professional advisors, and industry experts.

There are situations you can catch the attention of an industry expert or a journalist to talk positively about your brand. In this case, you get free influencer services. Often times, content creators and bloggers work hand in hand with thought leaders, and they quote each other in their publications or talks to enhance each other’s market reach.

Bloggers and Creators of Content

Some of those who create content and write blogs have influence because their sites can have followers. If these people mention your business in their blogs then many people get to see it and gain interest thus trying out what you are selling.

Bloggers have picked their niches and through that, they get people with interest in specific sectors. For instance, there are influencer bloggers in health, gardening, music, finance, development, writing, parenting among others. You can find the right fit for your company by contacting an influencer marketing agency similar to Unruly (unrulyagency.com). Moreover, if you feel like your business does not require a full-time influencer for its marketing needs, you can also buy an advertising slot on the blog, or get a guest posting opportunity to link back to the company business.

Often bloggers and content creators are a great option for businesses as they are used to making creative, appealing content. They can usually offer some advice on how best to advertise with them as they would not like to be seen to be advertising poorly. Advertising is their business so they’ll be sure to make sure your ad is aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to you ensure their reputation is good for other prospective advertisers.

Micro Influencers

Micro influencers, unlike others, have a small niche following that they relate to on a personal level. Therefore whenever a business seeks to use a micro influencer, they will be targeting a small group of people but the rates of conversions tend to be higher. For example, some influencers on this cbd influencer list may be micro influencers, since the products they endorse belong to a niche market catering to a certain audience. These influencers are relatively new in this marketing industry but are quickly rising in popularity.

Now you can find yourself an influencer to promote your products and brand in general. Create a list of influencers you wish to target and select someone in your niche to be able to make the biggest impact.