About Flack Life

After reading the blog, you might want to know about the person who is behind this project. Although there is a loyal team working 24×7 to create superior content yet, I am lucky to guide them through this process.  Having a popular blog about the basics and trends of marketing is a stressful task but is also informative and satisfying on a personal level. It is my honor to tell you all about myself and the goals I have been working for through this portal.  It has been a rollercoaster ride since day one, and I am looking forward to carrying on this legacy.

Now, marketing as you know, is not everyone’s cup of tea. It takes years and years of knowledge and practice to master this art form. I have often heard people say that people are born with marketing skills, and hard work only polishes their skill set. Although, it is true to a certain limit, yet we do have examples of people who have worked day in and day out to become a successful marketing manager. There are people who have scratched their way through the ladders to become the gurus of this subject.

I am a fan of people who want to improve their abilities in digital and traditional marketing techniques. One must admit that marketing is one of the major steps of making a product successful. Without a proper marketing strategy, even the most terrific goods and services are bound to fail.  All in all, I do not have to focus more on the importance of this blog.  Again, we cannot deny the fact that almost all of us are not aware of the ingredients of successful marketing.  No matter how profound knowledge you possess only continuous practice will make you better in this field.

After completing my studies in business administration, I was rather hungry to get a field experience of my expertise. It came to me as a shock, but the reality was way more complex than my textbooks.   I found that marketing is more than ideas and their execution as we deal with real human beings whose responses can never be predicted beforehand.  Due to my limitations, I was forced to search for information that deals with the practical aspects of marketing.  For my disappointment, I could not find a single website that tells us the facts of real-world dealings.

Subsequently, I was tense about the crowd of people who are suffering from the same issues as me.  Being an avid supporter of business administration, I had to come up with a solution. Thus, I decided to create a blog that is dedicated to solving existing problems of marketing. On the other hand, I was also aware of smaller businesses and start-ups that wanted to know more about marketing without paying hefty charges.  There were artists, bloggers, photographers, activists who tried hard to promote themselves. Not only were they plagued by lack of knowledge but also due to inefficient financial baking.

Hence, I had the greatest responsibility of creating a portal that serves as a solution for all the needy ones.  To start the proceedings, I had to hover through almost all the portals that provided even the slightest information about marketing. After a point, I realized that no single website gave full information about the basics, implications, and future of our case study. Disappointed by my findings I got in touch with professionals who have grasped marketing since day one.  I was lucky enough to come across individuals that recognized the current problem and helped me in creating this blog.

I started with the basics and informed my audience about the foundation of becoming a successful marketer. With time I have now started including lessons that are never dealt with in institutional training. Readers will be able to grasp real knowledge from professional and industry experts to come out with ideas. These articles have been developed to impart marketing awareness even among the less educated.

Meanwhile, we are uploading facts and figures according to the change in market conditions to keep our readers updated. I hope that our efforts will help you in boosting your marketing strategy through the roof.