3 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your IT Services

6 years ago

These days, companies in almost every industry are dependent on computer technology. Whether you use software to manage inventory levels and track customer orders or you run a purely digital business, having properly functioning tech is crucial for your long-term success. Unfortunately, not all IT providers are created equal. If you need a more suitable IT support team, making a timely switch could save your business thousands of dollars. Here are three signs you may need to change providers.

Frequent, Recurring Tech Issues

Tech issues can be varied and wide-ranging, from a website that crashes due to an unusually high traffic volume to a printer that refuses to connect with your wireless network. A competent IT support team like Red Bigfoot can provide an effective response to any of these issues thanks to the variety of it business services that they can offer.

While a quality team can’t always guarantee that a problem won’t pop up again, you should be concerned if you start to see the same issues occurring over and over, without any reasonable explanation or solution. Such issues can hamper your team’s productivity or harm the customer experience, severely limiting your profitability.

Falling Behind Current Trends

Cloud computing and other tech advances are continuing to change the way we do business – and your IT team should be leading the charge in helping your company adopt and implement new technologies.

Though the adoption of new tech should always be carefully analyzed, you don’t want to be the company that becomes the very last to implement new upgrades. This is a sure-fire recipe for falling behind your competition. If your IT team seems to be dragging their feet when it comes to current trends, it may be time to hire a more forward-thinking group who have sufficient knowledge when it comes to IT consulting and how to drive a company forward.

Slow Response

Our digital culture has made it so we expect a fast response for every situation. While your IT team may not be able to instantly solve every problem, you should still prioritize finding a support staff that offers great availability and fast results. You don’t want the rest of your staff to wait for days or even weeks to receive a resolution to their problem – and you certainly don’t want to experience delays in the implementation of crucial IT projects. A slow response will lead to costly delays, something many small businesses simply can’t afford.


Having a high-quality IT support team is crucial for keeping up with the competition and consistently delivering needed outcomes to your customers. You don’t want technology mishaps to disrupt your business. As soon as you’ve viewed the homepage of the company you feel is right for you, you’ll know that you’re on the way to receiving the best possible support, and your business will be far better equipped to achieve success.

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