The Anatomy of a Great Marketing Campaign – Case Study

6 years ago

It’s no secret that marketing is perhaps one of the best industries to get into if you want to make some good money, even if you’ll be learning as you go along. Unlike the likes of engineering and many others, in the marketing industry a failure doesn’t make for an expensive lesson to learn. I mean you can’t burn or break stuff like electronic components, as you would if you were learning the ropes in the field of electronics engineering, for example.

Marketing is also one of those fields in which the entry barriers are quite low. You wouldn’t need a degree to earn money referring clients to a car insurance company similar to one sure insurance or others in your area, that will compensate you for each referral, for example. All you need to do is match the clients with the service that’s most appropriate to them.

Be that as it may though, actually making a success out of one’s foray into the marketing field isn’t as easy as is suggested by the low barriers of entry. With that our case study of the anatomy of a great marketing campaign comes into focus, featuring referrals to the insurance industry as the subject.

Focus on a specific niche

Let’s say you had an agreement to earn some commission in some or other way for referring clients to a certain selection of car insurance companies. The best approach to increasing your chances of landing successful conversions would be to narrow your niche down as much as possible. Focus on something specific, like how no down payment car insurance companies can be searched for on one simple yet effective portal, presented as nothing more than a clean web page.

So, it wouldn’t be enough to just focus on auto insurance in general as a niche. You have to go beyond that in your narrowing down of the focus.

Offer some tangible value

When prospective buyers of a product or service such as an auto insurance policy are looking for one to go with, they’re very specific in what they’re searching for. This presents the perfect opportunity to offer some tangible value they would have a hard time finding elsewhere, like listing options for buy now pay later car insurance. That little window of not having to start paying their premiums right away definitely makes for some tangible value, which is nothing more than some useful information on the part of the marketer who is referring clients to their pool of insurance companies they’re affiliated with.

Monetise the target audience’s interactions

If you’re not the one selling the service as the vendor, monetisation of the interactions you create between yourself and the people you’re marketing to can be achieved in a few different ways, one of which is indeed the mentioned one of earning referral commissions. Those people you are marketing the offers to should never feel like they’re mere commodities though and you can make sure of this by taking a leaf out of the book of the Rodney D Young website. I mean why would anyone take the trouble to list insurers that visitors to the site can benefit hugely from? Obviously, there is some kind of remuneration structure in place, but that takes absolutely nothing away from the fact that the visitors who go on to take up a policy with the suggested insurers get full value for the money they’ll be spending, and more.

That’s how to do it – deliver value in a way that has the paying customer walking away only too happy to have done the cash-generating deal through you!

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