How to Make a Killer LinkedIn Profile

6 years ago

Whether you’re looking for a job, collecting leads, or simply networking, having a stunning LinkedIn profile is a great way to be spotted by the right people. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to generate more business and customers using a killer profile.

The good news is, LinkedIn recently resurrected a feature that will help your profile stand out from the rest. The feature is called”All Star” which shows you what features and content to add to help create a stunning profile. Here are other ways to make a powerful impression:

  • Use A Professional Photo

Your headshot is the first thing that a user will see on your LinkedIn profile. To make a good impression, use the most professional-looking picture you have. You can approach a Toronto headshot photographer and establish your professionalism with corporate shots. Don’t forget to smile to appear pleasant and approachable.

  • Create A Catchy Headline

The default LinkedIn headline consists of your job position and company. If you want to make a killer profile, you need to tweak the basic headline. If you’re wondering How to Write a Standout LinkedIn Headline, it might be useful to visit a website like for some advice. Consider putting your specialty and talking straight to your target readers. For better searchability, use significant keywords. Your headline should be about 10 words.

  • List Your Biggest Achievements

In the summary field, list your biggest achievements. Use bullet points to make this easy to scan. Show to your target audience how you can make their life more convenient. Try adding some media files to make yourself know better, which brings me to the next tip.

  • Add Media Files

To make a nice visual portfolio, add images, videos, or documents to your experience. This goes really well with your basic resume details.

  • Fill Out Your Profile

Fill out your profile with as much information as possible. You can discuss your talents, education, associations, and other noteworthy information that isn’t on your CV. This will portray you as a versatile individual. Also, it might persuade recruiters to at least review the resume (uploaded on the platform) that you may have built with the assistance of professional resume writers of organizations like ARC Resumes.

One tip: if your volunteer experience is related to your job search, list it under work history so it shows in the relevant section.

  • List Relevant Jobs Only

It’s not necessary to list all the jobs you ever had. Only list those that are relevant to your present career goals. For example, if your career goal is to be a professional dentist, you don’t need to list your bartender work experience.

  • Update Status Regularly

Update your status every day with content that offers value to your target audience. Turn your profile into a reliable source of information for your network. Share interesting and useful content, like career tips or business tips. Keep this flow of informative posts consistent so readers would keep visiting your profile.

  • Ask For Recommendations

Getting recommendations is a big deal on LinkedIn. They can help you build a good reputation for your audience. Reach out to previous employers, associates, and previous colleagues and then ask if that they give you a nice recommendation. You can look at this website to know more about what goes into the making of an engaging LinkedIn recommendation.

All the above tips are simple to do. Follow them and you can guarantee to have a killer LinkedIn profile that will attract potential customers and employers.

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