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What is Lead Generation?

6 years ago

Anyone who’s into online sales and marketing has often heard about lead generation. For all you know, you’re already doing lead generation without realizing what it means at the most basic level. Learning about something at the most basic level is a great start to help you create new ideas.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the basics of lead generation but first, let’s talk about leads.

What Is A Lead?

A person who has expressed an interest in a company’s product or service in any way is called a lead. Instead of receiving a cold call from a random company, a lead will receive a warm call from a company that he or she is in contact with in the past. You can become a lead by simply answering an online survey.

A lot of companies have focused on warm leads because these people are interested to listen on what you offer. This blog post by iLife Technologies that talks about the sales process for life insurance, highlights the fact that to actually turn a lead into a sale, you have to understand the customer in & out. Only when the sales/marketing process is personalized, will the customer even be interested to look at what you have to offer. When contacting a lead, use the information gathered to personalize the sales marketing efforts. You want to be as personal and pleasant to the potential customer as possible.

So, What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the marketing process of attracting and capturing the interest of strangers then eventually getting them to buy your product or service. It often uses digital channels but lately, the availability of large data online has resulted in the increase of “self-directed buyer” and the appearance of new methods to certify potential leads. Simply put, lead generation is the method of collecting leads.

Lead generation may be used in various sectors such as Real Estate Lead Generation, which can be distributed in many forms including a well-created email, a telemarketing call, a social media engagement or simply a nice optimized website. Once you have the leads, it’s up to you to convert them into sales. The bottom line, it is about developing brand awareness for a particular product or service to develop a sales pipeline. For example, if you are a financial advisor, you may wish to get on board with someone like LeadJig (, as they can target and automatically set up appointments with strong leads, and can even have these people answer a few questions prior to meeting so you get a better idea of exactly what it is they are looking for from you.

How To Create Leads?

Simple! Use different promotional channels to increase traffic to your landing page. Here are the promotional channels you can use:

  • Content: Develop a content that offers visitors with helpful information. Try including call-to-actions (CTAs) in the content.
  • Email: Use email to engage with people who’re already familiar with your product or service. If you’re having trouble finding authentic email accounts, go through or other similar email finders. Since emails can be a bit messy, use eye-catching CTAs to get their attention.
  • Ads: Ensure that your landing page conforms with what is promised in the ad. The action that you want strangers to make must be very clear.
  • Social Media: Perhaps, the easiest way to reach your potential customers is through social media. Promote your product or service on your social posts and don’t forget to put a CTA in your caption.
  • Blog: The beauty of a blog is you can create a lot of posts to promote your product or service. For example, if your product is cosmetics, then you can create a blog post about beauty tips or how to choose the best makeup to get many clicks.

Sure, organically generating leads is more tedious than buying leads but they’re more effective. While buying leads is quicker and easier, the leads you’ve bought don’t basically know you. The messages you send are hence deemed as spam and you increase your risk of being blacklisted.

To be more effective, promote your offers in various channels and continue making great landing pages.

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